Google Meet Invites

How to setup a Google Meet (video/audio) conference using your QDA Calendar.

To access your QDA Calendar, press the quick launch button in the top right of you email (the 3x3 dots) and select Calendar:

To create a new event, press the "create event" plus icon in the lower right corner:

Fill out the regular calendar fields:

For conferencing, click the add conferencing button and select Hangouts Meet:

Adding Guests

Click the "add guests" box and enter the name (QDA Staff/Students) or external email address of the individuals you wish to invite:

Using a Room

Select the Room Tab to see a list of available QDA Resources. The rooms available here have a Google Meetings Box which can be used to present material or video conferencing (an . 

Save and Send

Press the save button in the top right corner. Invites will automatically be emailed.
on Thursday May 03 by Michael Ciereszewski
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