Google Meet

How to setup a Google Meet (video/audio) conference using your QDA Calendar.

To access your QDA Calendar, press the quick launch button in the top right of you email (the 3x3 dots) and select Calendar:

To create a new event, press the "create event" plus icon in the lower right corner:

Fill out the regular calendar fields:

For conferencing, click the add conferencing button and select Hangouts Meet:

Adding Guests

Click the "add guests" box and enter the name (QDA Staff/Students) or external email address of the individuals you wish to invite:

Using a Room

Select the Room Tab to see a list of available QDA Resources. The rooms available here have a Google Meetings Box which can be used to present material or video conferencing (an . 

Save and Send

Press the save button in the top right corner. Invites will automatically be emailed.
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After you have sent out your Google invites your users will receive an email similar to the one pictured below:

Each meeting has a audio/video link (green box) and a phone conference link (red box). 

The audio/video link is needed to present material. The conference link is useful if students are unable to get their headsets to work correctly.

When it is time for the meeting to start, all invitees need to click on the audio/video link and they will be taken to this page:

Next, everyone will need to click the JOIN MEETING button.

To use your microphone and camera, you will need to allow access when prompted:

To present your screen, press the present button on the bottom right:

You may present a single window or your entire screen:

Your screen is now being displayed to all individuals in the room:

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