Account Customization

My Settings

My Settings (left menu) - My Account

You may update your phone number, email address, and password from the My Account page.



Students may not update their address, name, or username.

Please contact QDA to have this information updated.

Staff members may not update their username.

Personal Settings

My Settings (left menu) - Personal Settings

You may update the color style, dashboard layout, and default widgets on the personal settings tab:

Color Style (theme)

You may select any of the available color styles to change the appearance of your account.


The layout setting will determine how the widgets are displayed on your dashboard.


Widgets are various information boxes that you can have displayed on your dashboard.


You may reset back to the default options at anytime by selecting the reset button on the bottom of the page.

Opt-Out Notifications (System Emails)

My Settings (left menu) - Opt-Out Notifications

The Maestro SIS will send out emails when various system actions occur. For example, when a student is added to a course the teacher of the course will be notified via email. To opt-out of these emails, check the box next to the notification type and save.

Personal Calendar

You may enter personal calendar events by going to the Calendar Module - Add Event. School wide calendar events will automatically be posted.

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