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Deleting Internet History

Most technical issues can be resolved by deleting your Internet history. Select your browser for step-by-step directions.

Click the gear icon on the top right of your browser:

Select "Safety" from the drop-down menu:

Select "Delete browsing history..." from the menu:

Uncheck the top box. Check the three boxes below the top box as pictured below. Then click the "delete" button.
on Friday April 06 by Michael Ciereszewski
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Press the three dots in the top-right corner:

Select History:

Select History from the sub-menu:

Select "Clear browsing data" from the right menu:

Change the time range from the beginning of time. Press the clear data button:

Please close and re-open Google Chrome.

on Friday April 06 by Michael Ciereszewski
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In the top right, press the three dots and then select Settings:

Press the "choose what to clear" button pictured below:

Leave the top four options checked and press the "clear" button:

on Monday April 09 by Michael Ciereszewski
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