Adobe Flash

If a video or other activity doesn't load, please allow Adobe Flash to run.

If prompted, please Allow Adobe Flash to run:

Manually Allowing Flash to Run

If you do not get a prompt to allow flash to run, you can manually add the site to the allowed list. Please note, QDA Chromebooks and Windows devices (issued after January 2017) have been pre-configured.

To add a url, select the menu icon and press Settings:

At the bottom of the settings page, press the "Advanced" button:

Select Flash

Select Add

Enter a URL and press ADD:

The following URLs are typically used for each curriculum provider:

Calvert Education


Rosetta Stone


on Monday April 09 by Michael Ciereszewski
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Please click here to download the latest version of Adobe Flash.
on Monday April 09 by Michael Ciereszewski
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Recent updates to Google Chrome has changed how Adobe Flash is allowed to run. 
Students enrolled in older Edmentum courses and students that use the Scribblar online whiteboard service for tutoring may run into issues if they are working from a personal computer.
Directions on how to enable Adobe Flash are below. This must be done every time Chrome is restarted unless the user selects Always Allow when prompted (this is a new change with the latest version of Chrome):
In Google Chrome, open the menu (three dots) and select settings:

Scroll to the bottom of the settings and select Advanced:

Select Site Settings:

Select Flash:

Change the following setting from:


Please note, QDA computers have been configured to allow Flash to run automatically on websites we frequently use.
on Friday August 16 by Michael Ciereszewski
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